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Teddy Roosevelt at Bulloch House
History of the Bulloch Family
James Bulloch (1730-1777) came to this country from Scotland in 1728, and his descendants have left a significant impact on both the history of Georgia and the United States.

Family Descent
His grandson Archibald Bulloch (1765-1806), Speaker of the Royal Assembly of Georgia and President of the Provincial Congress, was instrumental in Georgia's signing of the
Declaration of Independence.

Great-grandson James Stephens Bulloch (1793-1849) was married to Martha Stewart, daughter of General Daniel Stewart, a Revolutionary War hero and one of the founders of Roswell. James and Martha had four children. Their second daughter, Mittie Bulloch, met Theodore Roosevelt through a family connection in 1850. The couple met again in 1853 and married.

After the December 22, 1853 wedding at Bulloch Hall, Mittie and Theodore moved to New York City where they raised their four children: Anna, Elliott, Theodore, and Corrine.

The War Years
The war years were difficult for the Bulloch women. Mittie's half-brother James Dunwoody Bulloch became the Confederate Navy's primary agent in Britain. He arranged for the building of ships, including the Alabama, the Florida, and the Shenandoah. Her brother Irvine enlisted in the Confederate Navy and served on the Shenandoah and the Alabama. Theodore, Mittie's husband, spent the war years working with the Union to assure benefits for the families of the soldiers fighting in the war.

President Roosevelt
Theodore carried on the tradition of his ancestors with a life dedicated to public service. He became the youngest President of the United States after the death of President William McKinley in 1901. He served as President from 1901-1908.

Elliott was the father of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt who married Franklin, her fifth cousin, the 32nd President of the United States.