Building & Grounds

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Grounds & Garden Maintenance
The beautiful grounds of the Smith Plantation are maintained through the efforts of volunteers and several local garden clubs. If you are interested in donating time to help with the gardens, please contact the Smith Plantation staff at (678) 639-7500.

Garden Areas



Terraced Gardens This area originally provided space to grow vegetables for a kitchen garden, a tradition that was reinstated by the Roswell Garden Club in 2008.
Butterfly Garden This beautiful area on the east side of the home features plants and flowers that attract butterflies. This Garden is maintained by the North Point Garden Club.
Antique Rose Garden In 1996, the Roswell Garden Club planted the Antique Rose Garden along the front walk. All of the roses found in the gardens today are varieties available between 1840 and 1890.
Herb Garden Located behind the Cook House is a garden that features herbs that were essential to the cooking and the preparation of food in the 19th century. The Herb Garden is maintained by Margaret Voss and the Spring'N Dig Garden Club.
Cotton Patch Next to the Herb Garden is a 50 square foot patch that demonstrates the many stages of the cotton plant. Cotton was the staple crop of Archibald Smith
Boxwoods There are approximately 550 individual boxwood plants on the Smith site. The oldest is over 100 years old.
Woodland Garden This garden and nature trail contains native flora and fauna. Along the trail are the award-winning hostas, as well as trilliums and crocuses. This Garden is maintained by Maisie Partidge and the North Fulton Master Gardeners.

Other Points of Interest
The Smith Plantation is surrounded by many mature trees, including oaks and an interesting tree located behind the Caretaker's Cottage known as a quince. Its blossoms are delicate and beautiful, and its large heavy fruit is a definite conversation piece. The bark resembles camouflage. There are also many traditional hydrangea plants, including oak leaf hydrangea. The gardeners planted lantana on the ground to honor Lizzie and Helen Smith who loved lavender lantana and wrote about it in letter sent to their brother Willie during the Civil War.

London Street Lights
The 39 original London street lights on the property were added by Mary Smith around 1960. These lamps were purchased from the City of London, shipped to Roswell, and wired for electricity to adorn the Plantation's grounds.