Roswell Green

Roswell Green Logo

Vision Statement
"We will take action to improve our Sustainability: providing for the present generation while honoring our past and allowing for the needs of future generations."

38 Hill Street
Roswell, GA 30075
Ph: 770-641-3727

Mission Statement
"It is our mission to increase environmental accountability; to teach the principles of sustainable living; and to implement innovative programs that protect the environment, provide economic savings and enhance our quality of life."

Strategic Goals
Roswell sees environmental and economic sustainability as two of the most critical opportunities for our future. Engaging city employees, residents and businesses in sustainable practices now will ensure the availability of resources and enhance the livability and viability of the City for generations to come.

Roswell recognizes the competitive advantages of "going green". We can improve efficiencies and reduce the use of resources in order to produce meaningful savings to taxpayers and a better environment for our residents. Through responsible development and green building practices, Roswell will grow into a healthier and even more desirable place to live and work.

ARC Silver LogoRoswell’s green vision is a community where:
  • Natural resources are preserved and protected
  • Energy and water use are reduced
  • Clean and efficient energy and water technologies are widespread
  • Waste is reduced and recycling is enhanced
  • New buildings are high performance structures
  • Transportation alternatives are available and complete streets are
    the norm with abundant biking and walking opportunities
  • Greenspace is prevalent and connected
  • Green industries and businesses thrive
  • Quality of life is ensured for future generations