Unified Development Code & Design Guidelines

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Roswell’s Unified Development Code
Roswell’s Unified Development Code (UDC) is a single ("unified") tool that addresses contemporary development and zoning practices in a format that is consistent and easily understood by administrators, developers, and community members. The UDC includes a new zoning document and map. The effective date of the UDC was June 1, 2014.

UDC Design Guidelines
The UDC Guidelines establish clear, concise development regulations that provide appropriate design guidance for innovative approaches to development while maintaining the desired character of Roswell. They address development throughout the City, including the historic district.

UDC Zoning Map
The UDC Zoning Map is a graphical representation of the zoning districts that make up the UDC.

Unified Development Code (UDC)
Download Full UDC: Updated July 1, 2015
(broadband connection recommended)

Table of Contents
UDC Draft Cover
Appendix A