Operation ID

Purpose of Operation ID
Operation Identification was designed to:
  • Assist the police in locating the owner of found property and recovered stolen property
  • Discourage the activities of burglars and thieves
  • Assist the police in apprehending and prosecuting criminals

If you mark your property, you increase the risk a criminal must take when they steal your valuables, and you have a better chance of having your property returned to you.

Join Operation ID
Mark the Georgia driver's license number of the owner in a permanent manner on all valuables, and preface it with a GADL. For example, GADL-123456767 or GAID-1234567. Mark all property on permanent non-removable parts, such as the main frame. Items should be marked in a place of prominence, one where the number can be easily seen without having to dismantle the object.

Electric engraving pencils are best used to mark most items. Persons who cannot otherwise obtain an engraver may borrow one from the Roswell Police Department located at 39 Hill Street and at all libraries. Please call 770-640-4100 for availability.

Some items, such as televisions, furniture, and stereos, can be marked on the back side or underneath with a felt-tip pen. Clothing and furs can be marked with invisible or indelible ink, or the number can be embroidered on the material.

Small valuables that are impossible to mark, such as jewelry, silver, and antiques, should be photographed. It may be good practice to keep some of your valuables in a safe-deposit box.