Cone Zone

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Cone Zone Projects Map
Our Cone Zone Projects Map provides information on projects that are currently in the Active Construction phase. This interactive tool provides an overview of current construction activities across the city.

Cone Zone Projects Map

Active Construction

Hardscrabble Road – Complete Street & Roundabout

The Hardscrabble Road project will start in Fall of 2017 and is anticipated to be completed in the Spring/Summer of 2019. The project limits are between King Road (near Roswell High School) and Etris Road (near Sweet Apple Elementary School). The project will add a new roundabout at the corner of Hardscrabble Road and Chaffin Road (south). The Project will also add: new 4’ foot wide bike lanes in both directions on Hardscrabble Road, a new 5’ foot wide sidewalk on the north side of Hardscrabble Road, and add a new 10’ foot wide Multi-Use Trail on the south side of Hardscrabble Road. Once complete this will allow bicyclist and pedestrians to use both sides of Hardscrabble Road corridor. The project will also improve traffic operations by removing the existing traffic signal at Chaffin Road and add a new roundabout.

Sun Valley Extension Phase 1B

This project will connect the Warsaw Road Extension and Sun Valley Road providing a new connection between Alpharetta Highway/SR 9 and Mansell Road. Phase 1A of the project was completed in the fall of 2016 and included earthwork, the installation of culverts, the construction of a retention pond and the grading of the road foundation. Phase 1B will include the paving of the road, construction of sidewalks and a multi-use path and the installation of a roundabout at the southern end of the project. Work is expected to be completed by March 2018.

Grove Way/Bush Street Improvement

This project will construct a new water line, add a 5 foot sidewalk and reconstruct the intersection of the two streets by lowering the sight obstructing hill by 6 feet and widening the intersection. The new intersecting streets will improve visibility and safety by providing critical access to the non-profit community facilities of the CDA, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Roswell Housing Authority and the Veranda housing project. Work is expected to be completed by Spring of 2018.

Citywide Resurfacing

The resurfacing list is based on the annual road rating program using MicroPaver Software. Some roads in good condition will be rejuvenated in order to extend their life in a cost-effective manner. Also, be aware that traffic signal detection equipment is disconnected during resurfacing.

Upcoming Construction
More information coming soon.

Road Closures
Currently no road closures are planned by the City of Roswell.