Transportation Master Plan

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Transportation Master Plan Update - March 2014

Roswell DOT staff recently updated the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) originally adopted in 2006 and last updated in 2011.  This update includes several new initiatives such as an update to the City's Roadway Functional Classification and the introduction of a Connectivity Program as well as new TMP Amendment procedures.  The update also included project cleanup and data updates.

The TMP captures all projects and programs the City is interested in implementing in the future.  It is important to note that no funding is attached to any project or program unless noted.  The Final Report and each Figure included in the document as well as the Project List are available below.

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Table 21 - Transportation Master Plan Project Table
Figure 20 - Transportation Master Plan Project Map (ATMS, Bridge, Programs, Roadways, Studies, Other)
Figure 21 - Transportation Master Plan Project Map (Bicycle, Pedestrian, Path, Trail, Complete Streets)

Figure 1 - City of Roswell Base Map
Figure 2 - City of Roswell Character Areas
Figure 3 - Functional Classification of City Roadways
Figure 4 - Posted Speed Limits
Figure 5 - Graphic Representation of Level of Service (appears on page 21 of document)
Figure 6 - Congested Intersections during AM/PM Peak Hours
Figure 7 - Designated Truck Routes
Figure 8 - Pedestrian Network
Figure 9 - Bicycle Network
Figure 10 - Transit Network
Figure 11 - Inbound/Outbound Traffic Volumes
Figure 12 - Roswell DOT Pavement Condition Index (2012) (appears on page 53 of document)
Figure 13 - Pavement Life Cycle Curve (appears on page 54 of document)
Figure 14 - Roswell Loop by Color-Coded Route
Figure 15 - Total State Revenues from Motor Fuel Taxes:  FY 2000-2009 (appears on page 78 of document)
Figure 16 - Average Revenue during prior RTP Periods (appears on page 79 of document)
Figure 17 - Unified Development Code Zoning Map
Figure 18 - Future Development Map
Figure 19 - Potential Connections in the Connectivity Program Map
Figure 20 - Transportation Master Plan Project Map (Roadways, Studies, etc.) (see above)
Figure 21 - Transportation Master Plan Project Map (Bicycle, Pedestrian, etc.) (see above)

Amendment Procedures
The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is meant to be a living document.  The need to update the TMP document to ensure it remains accurate and up-to-date is paramount.  Certain modifications are considered relatively minor and can be addressed via staff revisions whereas other changes would require formal action by the Mayor and City Council.  As a result, two modification types have been developed to address changes to the TMP.

Procedure for Administrative Modifications
There are times where minor revisions will be required for the Transportation Master Plan (TMP).  These changes will be processed by RDOT staff and will not require any formal action by the Mayor and Council.  RDOT staff will review the TMP document quarterly and report any administrative changes to the Transportation and Community Development Committee (TCM).

Example of Modifications Considered Administrative

  • Splitting or merging projects due to design, concept, environmental, right-of-way or constructability related issues (non-CIP projects only)
  • Revising project limits without changing the overall project scope and intent (non-CIP projects only)
  • Refining project cost or project phase cost (non-CIP projects only)
  • Revisions to potential fund sources (non-CIP projects only)
  • Moving projects between “mid-range” and “long-range” portions of the TMP
  • Deletion of a project after it has been constructed
  • Typographical errors
  • Revision or update of data (i.e. US Census information)
  • Revision or update of text or graphics within the document

If the Mayor or any Councilmember wishes to address an issue listed as administrative, staff can move into the amendment process listed below and obtain formal approval of the amendment(s).

Procedure for Amendments
As more significant revisions are made to the Transportation Master Plan, there may be a need for the Mayor and Council to provide input and feedback and take formal action to make modifications to the TMP.  Revisions will be brought before the Mayor and Council at a scheduled Work Session for discussion and later, presented to the full Council for action at either the Community Development and Transportation Committee meeting or the next regularly scheduled Council Meeting (or both).  The normal procedure will be that no formal public meetings are expected to be scheduled.  However, if the Mayor and Council wish to give the public an opportunity to review the suggested revisions, arrangements will be made to schedule one or more public meetings, open houses, or the like including announcements on the City’s website.

Example of Modifications Considered Amendments

  • Addition of a project
  • Deletion of a project (other than one that has been constructed)
  • Significant revision of project descriptions
  • Revision to project costs (CIP projects)
  • Major updates to data (i.e. Functional Classification table)

If you have questions about the Transportation Master Plan or have difficulty viewing any of the above material, contact the Roswell DOT via email or call 770.594.6420.