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Welcome to the City of Roswell Georgia

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A Letter from Mayor Wood: Roswell’s Future is Bright
The City of Roswell 2013-2014 budget keeps our city on track to being the most business friendly city in Georgia and the best place to live. Roswell's property tax rate (millage rate) remains at 5.455, the same rate as 2009-2013.

I'm pleased that for the past ten years the City's overall property tax rate has either decreased or remained the same and is one of the lowest in the metro area. The City's conservative approach to budgeting and its innovation has enabled us to continue to deliver high-quality services to residents and invest in our community even during the recession when we saw a decrease in revenues and an increase in the cost of doing business.

In the coming year's budget, operation and maintenance expenses are up $1.6 million from last year. This increase includes additional funding for programs to assist local businesses and attract jobs. We have already brought 1,600 new jobs to Roswell and reduced our unemployment rate to the lowest in the state. We want to continue that trend.

Thanks to voters approving the bond referendum back in November, the City has an additional $14.7 million to invest in roads, parks and a new fire station. We are only paying 1.27% interest on this loan because of Roswell's Triple A Bond Rating and strong financial reputation. This loan, as with prior bonds, is repaid from property taxes. The budget sets the property tax rate to repay these loans at .991 mills. This is down from 1.396 mills in prior years because we have been steadily paying down the City's debt.

By lowering the property tax rate to repay debt, we were able to raise the maintenance and operation rate from 4.059 to 4.464 mills without raising our overall property tax rate. We will be using this money to pay for road paving and other capital maintenance expenses. Even with this small increase, Roswell's maintenance and operations property tax rate remains the lowest in North Fulton County.

By making sound investments, we will increase the city tax rate without raising taxes. Investing in our city will not only make Roswell a better place to live, it will help our businesses prosper. Property values in Roswell have been resilient, outperforming most of the metro area, making Roswell one of the most vibrant and best places to live and do business in the state. The 2014 budget continues to move Roswell forward into an exciting and bright future.

Jere Wood, Mayor of Roswell

Roswell's Mayor is:
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the City
  • The presiding officer at Council meetings
    • The Mayor votes only in the case of a tie between Council members
  • Responsible for the efficient and orderly administration of City affairs

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